Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thing #3

Setting up my blog wasn't too challenging that is at least until I came to adding my avatar but we will get to that later. One of the hardest parts of creating my blog was coming up with a name. I decided to go with a character from one of my favorite artists, Mary Englebreit. She has a character named The Queen of Everything which I have always loved so that seemed like a natural choice for my blog. I had a blast creating the avatar. It reminded me of playing paper dolls when I was a young child. Now comes the hard part: Getting the avatar onto my blog. I read and re-read the directions but finally gave up and asked for advice from my sixteen year old daughter (Sarah, Princess of Quite A Lot, another of ME's characters). Of course, she quickly, very quickly solved my problem and then laughed in my face. She suggested I take a computer course and laughed more when I said that was what this course is about. So, needless to say, I'm tired and a little frustrated but I'm hanging in there.

Thing #2

7 Habits of Successful People

After watching the video, it was very hard for me to pick my strength. I feel that I am strong in several of the "habits" but I guess my strongest one would be number four. This is the habit of having confidence in yourself as a competent, effective learner. I do feel that I have a lot of confidence and I do consider myself a life long learner. That's probably why none of my family and close friends were shocked to hear I was once again going back to school. I have toyed with this idea for many years. Most people were shocked to hear I wasn't getting my PHD, crazy people! Anyway, my weakness would be number six which is the one about using technology to your advantage. I know that I don't do this. I for sure do not use technology to my advantage. I'm not scared of technology but I'm going out of my way to learn new things. I know that I missing out of a lot of things technology can do for me and I'm hoping that I will start to learn more and do more with technology.

Thing #1

Well, I'm off on another adventure. I've started graduate school in order to get my librarian certification. Yes, I've heard the jokes: don't you already know how to say "shh" and when do you get the chain for your reading glasses. All kidding aside, I'm very excited and a little scared. I've just complete Thing #1 in Library2Play. It was interesting to learn more about something I hear a lot about at work, Learning 2.0. It was interesting to learn who designed this and scary to see how much I don't know. So, sit back, buckle your seat belts and enjoy the ride with me on my new adventure.