Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thing #5

Thing #5 - Flickr

How did I not know about this site?! I'm the yearbook adviser at my school and I love to work with photography with my students so what a great site!
Flickr is a photo sharing website which is one of the fastest growing sites on the web. Anyone and everyone can upload photos. People can also make comments on photos thus making it an interactive 2.0 technology website. Flickr is also free so what a bonus. Once you upload photos, you can make them private or public. Of course, copyright is always an issue so Flickr has diffferent settings for different photos. As a teacher I would use the Creative Commons part of the website because these photos are not copyrighted.
Flickr uses tags which are keywords you can use to search for pictures. There are also groups where you can find people who have the same interests as you do. People can do so many things with Flickr. Besides uploading and sharing photos you can also edit your pictures. I can see my publications students exploring this site once we meet our final deadline.

I can see myself spending tons of time on Flickr however I have tons of work to do so for now it will have to wait, rats! I found out that libraries are doing many cool things on Flickr. The one that grabbed my attention was the 365 Library Days Project . This is a group which challenges librarians to upload a total of 365 photos. There is a lot of discussions going on within the group for ideas to use with the pictures, etc.

As an English teacher, I love to use picutres as prompts for writing, so again, wow, this site will be great for me. Point of view is an easy objective to master with the use of pictures. I found a great picture of a wet dog in a bathtub. The really great thing is that the dog looks just like my dog. I would love to have my students write from the point of view of the wet dog.

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  1. Please make the sites you review hot links we, your readers, can go to them directly...the interactive part of 2.0. The chain icon on the post box toolbar is a simple way to turn highlighted words into links.

    Flickr Creative Commons photos ARE copyrighted...they simply have more freedom of use with regards to the copyright! The owners have given different levels of permission for use.