Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thing #20

You Tube and Teacher Tube are both wonderful resources. I am sad that they are blocked in my school district but who knows maybe one day they won't be. It is also good that there are ways around the blocking. I had actually heard of Zamar before and how it can be used to convert files so you can watch the videos when the site is blocked.

I know that my daughter lives by You Tube. She uses it for everything from checking out cheer moves to how to apply eyeshadow. I can spend hours on both sites! My students will be reading short stories by Edgar Allen Poe this last six weeks so it was only natural that I looked for videos that could help with this. We also read Poe's poem "Annabell Lee" and I was excited to find many videos of the poem. I know the kids will enjoy watching the video instead of just reading the poem. I embedded the clip that I plan to show my students.


  1. I am also in a district that blocks You Tube, Teacher Tube , and School Tube. The librarians in our district are trying to get organized and go to Technology to start a discussion about getting things unblocked. Most all of these 2.0 tools are blocked for us and the students. The teachers don't really protest because they are just not familiar enough with the 2.0 tools to realize what they're missing. We live with a head in the sand mentality down here!

  2. Okay so I just have to comment that your Poe video is awesome. It is one of my favorite poems and I like the creepy imagery behind it. So dang cool.

  3. That was cool! I love Edgar Allen Poe and I agree with you, this would be a great way to show the poem with images. I also wrote a poem using PhotoStory3 hope you have a chance to check it out.