Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thing #23

I did it!!! I completed 23 Things!!
1. My favorite discoveries – I really like Also just learning about blogs was fun and educational.
2. This program made me realize how little I knew about web 2.0 and all the opportunities that exist for myself and my students. I realize that I still have a lot of exploring and learning to do.
3. Unexpected outcomes – well, it was hard but rewarding! Along the journey I ran into some personal road bumps. The Monday after Spring Break my mom went in for gall bladder surgery and they found cancer. She has been in the hospital ever since and I have used Facebook as a way to stay in touch with many people. I was telling a friend how exhausting it is to have to retell the story over and over for all the people who care about my mom. My friend said you should start a blog. I was blown away! This friend is not in education and not really a computer geek so I was shocked that her comment should have been something I should have thought of. So my plan is to start a blog where I can keep everyone up to date on my mom’s condition. A few months ago I wasn’t even sure what I blog was and I would have never seen myself as a blogger.
4. I’m not sure if there is anything that could be done to improve the program.
5. Yes, I would participate in another program like this. I know that I still have lots to learn and I like things to be laid out so that I have a plan of action to complete.
6. My experience was sometimes very frustrating but always rewarding and worth it!


  1. I'm so proud of you. In spite of everything that has gone wrong lately, you're still out there "doing it!" You are one strong woman. I'm so glad we're friends.