Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thing #10

Good thing I'm on Spring Break because I could play around with these image generators forever. I have a co-worker who had made us a Wordle to use but honestly, I had never played around with the site. I had a blast!! My co-worker used the text from the back of a novel we were about to start reading and the students had to predict what the book would be about just from the Wordle. I think it is a great prediction strategy to use. I also like it more for an all about me first of school year assignment. The one I share on my blog is a Wordle that's all about me. It includes my likes and words that describe me. I absolutely love the fact that you can change the font, color and layout of the text. Another fellow teacher has used Glogster so I played around with it for awhile. I also like the comic strip one. I can see so many possibilities for these sites in my classroom. I often have the kids make comic strips with their vocabulary words so I think it would be fun to have them use the comic strip generator next time. Glogster has endless possibilities but I could see it for book talks. I had a friend who created a Glogster and sent it out as her family's Christmas card so wouldn't it be fun to have the kids create a Glogster for a character they are reading about. Well, again...so much to learn!

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