Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thing #13

Wow, I'm shocked! Finally a Thing I actually knew a little something about. Once a month my school requires a person from the IT department to come and give us a training. Two months ago our training was on social bookmarking sites. We had to view the tutorial video on social bookmarking websites. I thought this was great tutorial! I also feel that social bookmarking sites are extremely helpful to librarians and classroom teachers. Let me back up a little before I explain why. In my district delicious is blocked but we can use diigo so I spent more time checking out that site. Now, the reason I think sites like these are helpful is because for one teachers often use more than one computer. For instance, the computer that is connected to the smartboard might not be the one the teacher mainly uses so if she or he would like to share a site on the smartboard they run into a problem. Instead of trying to memorize the site or email it to themselves they can pull it up on a social bookmarking site. When you use a site this this you can also share your favorites with other teachers and librarians.

I had never thought about the implications on research but watching the podcast opened my eyes to new possibilities. I can now see how it could be very beneficial and I would like to explore all the possibilities before I make more comments.

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