Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thing #7

Wow! Am I living under a rock or what? I had no idea that Google had all those tools. I thought it was just a search engine. I set up a Picasa Web Album and a created a calendar. Sorry, didn’t make it public because I don’t think anyone is interested in what’s going on in my life. However, I do think it will be a great tool for my daughter and I. We both have very busy lives and I think this will be extremely helpful.

As far as educational uses, oh my, there are endless possibilities. It would be great to set up a calendar for my students and parents. I also didn’t realize about the advanced search on Google. I’ll definitely use that next year when the kids do research. I know that Google Earth is loaded on my desktop (in KatyISD) but I have never used it. Ummm, maybe I should think about how to use that.

I can really see how Google can be a verb and that many options it has! However, I have some more “things” to do so I’ll have to Google more later.

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  1. Kim-
    picasa is cool...have you ever seen shutterfly? It is a free photosharing website that send emails to your family when you have added pics that you want them to see! It is very cute! Google Earth is really cool! It is amazing that all the way from space you can see your house!! I have a hard time using it in class though, it tends to run slow!