Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thing #8

Again, I am so out of the loop. I had no idea what an RSS feed was. I have seen the little symbol but never tried to figure it out. RSS seems really cool. It is nice to have everything new on one page. I think that will really save time. I have to admit I don't follow many blogs. I am overwhelmed at the moment with work and grad school so my free time which there is very little off is saved for sleep. However, I do have one favorite non-school blog that I do enjoy and it has a crazy name. It is called I hate green beans. It is written by a women from Texas. I love her voice and her topics which are reality television shows. Yes, a strange addiction I have. She follows one of my favorite shows, The Bachelor. When I have more time, I can see finding more blogs that relate to my school life and adding those feeds to my Google reader. Wow, so much to do and so little time.


  1. Think about adding resources from your classes so that you will be updated as time goes by.

  2. It's so nice just to see which blogs have been recently posted to.... then you can always decide if you have a few minutes to read or not.

    Since you're not searching, but just checking in on new posts, time doesn't seem to get away from you as easily (that's what I tell myself, anyway!).