Friday, March 19, 2010

Thing #16

I have learned that Wikis are easy to use and can be fun. I have to say that I LOVE the Common Craft video. It is amazing how simple and easy to understand the video is. My Language Arts team at my school developed a wiki earlier in the year but I hate to say that we don't use it very much. So far we used it to discuss NCTE's National Day of Writing but that's about it. My goal is to try to get my teammates to use it more. I can also see the how valuable it can be to have a class wiki. I would like to set up one up and use it for book talks and research sharing. I've also thought about the students making a personal trading card at the beginning of the year as a get to know you exercise. I could have them post their trading cards on the class wiki. I think the possibilities are endless!


  1. I think your idea of the posted trading cards is a great idea...for learning about each other and to slowly introduce the idea of sharing info. I bet your students might even suggest ways that the class wiki could be helpful!

  2. Now that I have used a wiki with my classes, I can see even more applications. I like your idea of posting cards and get-to-know-you information. Creating a wiki was easier than I thought, and I felt so excited to be using new technology with my students. I know I will continue to find ways to use wikis with my students.