Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thing #12

I found a lot of valuable information in all the material we were asked to read in order to complete this Thing. I am totally new to blogging (duh, big shock, huh?) so I tried to learn as much as I could. One of the biggest things that stood out to me was that I shouldn't be afraid to make comments. This information came from the Cool Cat Teacher blog. Of course, I was drawn to this one because it promised to show me how to comment like a queen. I am afraid to leave comments because I am afraid that no one cares about my thoughts. This made me stop and rethink that. I am going to work on overcoming my fear.

The other tip that stuck with me was to interact with comments left by readers. This tip came from ProBlogger. I never thought I would be interested in getting people to read my blog and leave comments but hey, why not? What intrigued me was that by leaving comments on other blogs I am interacting with the authors/bloggers in a way that was never possible before. So, I want to try to leave more comments and comment to comments left on my blog.

I used Google Blog Search to look for a blog on YA literature. I found a blog that gave great recommendations on new YA books. I'm always looking for new titles to share with my eighth graders so I really liked this blog. I also found out that Stephanie Meyer, the Twilight saga author, has a biography coming out. I would like to encourage my students to read this since there is such a big push for reading more non-fiction. I left a comment here thanking the blogger and asking her thoughts about getting my students to read this book.

I also commented on my favorite blog, I Hate Green Beans. This site has has nothing to do with education but everyone needs a break, right? I thanked the blogger for entertaining me with her great writing voice and told her to keep up the good work.

Now in order to totally complete this Thing I have to comment on five blogs that belong to my classmates, so I'm off, wish me luck!

Well, I have really enjoyed commenting on the blogs of my fellow classmates. I have learned some great things from them. I've also become more comfortable leaving comments.


  1. okay, so I'm busy reading and commenting tonight too. Hope you're having fun! I find it's easier commenting on "things" I've already finished.

  2. Kim,
    I also have that fear that no one cares about my comments which keeps me from contributing. I think I'm not funny enough or clever enough or insightful enough. I'm going to get on your bandwagon and work to overcome this fear. (False Evidence Appearing Real)!