Friday, March 19, 2010

Thing #18

Well, I started by exploring Open Office which honestly confused me at first. I didn't really see the value in it but then I went to Google Docs and saw the light. I found this site a lot more user friendly. I particularly found the testimonials from students and teachers very helpful. I like the fact that people can work and collaborate together in real time. I could see students completing group PowerPoint's together without actually being together. I would need to play around more to find some disadvantages but right off the top of my head I'm wondering if I can get to these sites in KatyISD. Once again I learned something new.


  1. Long distant collaboration has been invaluable to me since I discovered Google Docs. I also appreciate it because I often work on different computers! I bet as time goes by in your studies, you will rely on its strengths many times!

    P.S. I hope it is open in your district too!

  2. Hey Kim! I haven't reached this thing yet, so I haven't seen Googledocs, but I do use Open Office on my computer. I didn't want to shell out $80 more dollars to get the full office, and I've found that it works for me. The only thing I don't like is that I can't right-click and find synonyms.

    I'm all for becoming friends on shelfari! I'll go on your page and see if I can 'request' you.

  3. I accepted you as a friend on Shelfari. Do you know about the program thru KISD where you can purchase Microsoft Windows for a really reduced rate, like $10? It might too late for this year but check the past Tech Tuesdays newsletters.

  4. My cousin and I were just talking about Open Office this morning using the Facebook IM. She teaches high school calculus in a Denver suburb that is very similar to Katy ISD. She is not a big fan of Open Office because she said she has to recreate a ton of math worksheets for the math department and feels it would be a waste of valuable time. I have not reached this "Thing" yet, so I am curious to learn more about this application to see if it is worthwhile to use.