Friday, March 19, 2010

Thing #15

The video was very powerful and thought provoking. As I teacher it made me realize that I am doing the right thing in the classroom when I let the students lead the discussions and let them work in groups collaborating. It also made me realize I should use technology more but my hands are tied there because we only have so many computer labs. It would so much easier if every student had a laptop. But, if every student did have a laptop, teachers would have to deal with students off task (i.e. on Facebook or checking email, etc). Honestly, I'm still dealing with that because if they are off task will they be learning what they need to?

I also viewed with the video with the eyes of parent. My 16 year old daughter gets upset because she isn't sure what she "wants to be when she grows up", therefore I liked the part when the student held up the sign about I'll have a job that isn't even created yet. I could so see my daughter in the video. She doesn't watch a lot of tv or read many books but she is always online. She is also a multi-tasker.

Whether people like it or not the world is changing and Library 2.0 is proof of it. I really liked the article about school library 2.0 I found on Wikipedia. It discussed the many ways that school libraries will have to change. Libraries will no longer be quiet places where people come to read books. Libraries will be noisy places where technology will be used a lot. Librarians will help patrons with the technology and their search for information.

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  1. By any chance did your daughter look at the video? It would be interesting to hear what she thinks about it.